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HERE FOR GOOD UPDATE (September, 2023)

Total Pledged to date: $1,760,517.65
Total Received to date: $1,603,410.36

Re-allocated Mortgage Budget (so far):
- Total freed up annually from mortgage: $100,000
- We've assigned about 39% of this to ministries.

Percentages Currently Designated:
- Outreach Events: increased 33%
- Membership Care: increased 25%
- Children: increased 90%
- Youth: increased 95%
- Worship: increased 51%, plus one-time purchase
- Discipleship: increased 238%
- Young Adults: increased 400%

Renovation Priorities, as set by the Leadership Team:
- Foyer restrooms
- Consolidation of Children's areas
- Worship Center

Update Video:

A Message from Pastor Mike

West Valley Church has a long and rich history on this corner and in this community, since our beginning over 60 years ago. We are excited to now build on that history and move into our compelling future as we pursue our mission to Introduce People to Jesus Christ, Equip People with a Faith that Works, and Live as People with Purpose. Everything we do, every dollar we invest, and every area we engage is prayerful and intentional toward our mission. We have now come to a time where doing so calls for greater levels of prayer, service, witness, energy, resources, and unity in Christ.

Therefore, we are launching Here For Good, a three-year generosity campaign to more effectively impact those who call WVC home, those in our community, and beyond. We are here to do God’s good work. We are not here for a season; we are Here For Good!

We are deeply grateful to those in the past who took courageous steps of faith to make it possible for WVC to be who we are today. Now it’s our turn - now is our time!

Please - join us on this journey!

Why are we here?  We are Here For Good.

God is calling us to live lives of extravagant generosity. To be a part of Here For Good means that we are here for Christ - to follow him in all things, including giving, in order to advance His Kingdom. It means to be here for each other - to move money from mortgage to ministry so that we can more fully invest in our children, youth, and adult ministries as well as updating our facilities. Here For Good means we are here for our community; making our church a more welcoming and inviting place through updating old spaces and having more resources to reach out and meet needs. Here For Good means that we are here to be generous, just as God has been generous with us, through Christ. Here For Good means that we intend to be here for a long time to come and making a difference for Christ in our community and beyond.

"Trust in the Lord and do good; live in the land, and farm faithfulness" - Psalm 37:3

Commitment Card

Prayerfully consider what God is calling you to do to help us realize the vision. Our hope is that everyone will come together and fully engage in our mission to be Here for Good.


Considere en oración lo que Dios le está llamando a hacer para ayudarnos realizar esta visión. Nuestra esperanza es que todos vengan juntos y participen plenamente en nuestra misión de estar Aquí por el Bien.


Three ways to give / Tres maneras de dar:

1. One-time cash gift / Un regalo en efectivo

2. 36-month goal for giving / Una meta de 36 meses para dar

3. Stored resources (stocks, bonds, savings, etc.) / Recursos almacenados (acciones, bonos, ahorros, etc.)

Descripción del regalo de recursos almacenados

My/Our Three Year Here For Good Commitment

I/We plan to give accordingly:

Mi/Nuestros Tres Años De Compromiso Par Aquí Por Bien

Yo/Nosotros planeamos dar:

semanal por 156 semanas

mensualmente por 36 meses

anualmente por 3 años

una sola donación

Cantidad Total De Compromiso De 36 Meses (Marzo 2020-Marzo 2023)

( )   -


Listen to our people as they describe their Here For Good journey.

Here For Christ

Here For Each Other

Here For Our Community

Here For Good

Listen to the Here For Good Sermon Series!

Throughout February and March, Pastor Mike will be preaching and teaching on a very important question - Why are we here?  Throughout the series, he will explore that we are Here For Christ, Here For Each Other, Here For Our Community, Here For Generosity, and Here For Good!  Join us in this journey, and stay up-to-date with us as we learn more about our purpose through Christ.

Listen to the sermons


Our primary goal through Here For Good is that 100% of people at West Valley Church would engage in this campaign to experience a life-changing encounter with God.

How Will You Respond?

We are asking you to go on a spiritual journey with God and your family—to take the biggest steps of generosity you’ve ever taken.


 Pray that God would multiply our efforts to make disciples. Pray that He would do abundantly more than we ask or imagine for His great name.


 Help us reach our goal of 100% engagement in Here For Good. Stand side by side with your church family. Commit to do what God asks. Put your “Yes!” on the table.


 Attend each Sunday from February 9, 2020 through March 8, 2020. Engage in the Here For Good study with your small group. Learn all you can about God’s heart and will for you and your resources.


 Ask God to show you what it looks like to give in a way that changes you. Take whatever steps are required to see it through.

Are You Ready to Take a STEP?


Would you prayerfully consider what God might be calling you to give up during the next three years to allow you to give more to His Kingdom through the work of West Valley Church?


Will you join us by trusting God in a way we have never done before? We need every person at West Valley Church to unite in faith that God can accomplish this.


We can't do this alone. We can't do this with half of our body. We need everyone in our church to join together in unity as we stand up, take a step and live a life that is Here For Good.


This is a spiritual journey more than it is a financial one. Please pray for God's wisdom, courage and direction every step of the way.

Resource for the Journey

During the Here For Good campaign, the Vision Book will be a very important resource for the journey. Hard copies will be available in the church office throughout the week and at the Welcome Center on Sundays. The Vision Book is filled with devotional thoughts, small group questions, and helpful prayer prompts that will guide you throughout the Here For Good campaign. You can download a digital copy at the link below.